People are People:

So I went to one of those potlucks. At that time I used to drive Honda Accord.
General trend is, Honda/Toyota when you start career. BMW/Audi/Mercedes if you make little $$. Japanese to German.

In college, I asked my senior: “what car should I buy” He said “Honda Accord. So many Indians are buying it, they are thinking of changing its name to Hindu Accord” šŸ™‚

Honda Accord is not a bad car. Its family car. 5 star crash tested. Decent drive.

So back to the story, At potluck I wanted to leave early. My Honda Accord was blocked by someone’s Honda Accord. I asked one lady, “Is Black Honda Accord yours? Its blocking my car and I want to leave.”
She got stunned. With wide open eyes she said, “No No No. We drive BMW. We only drive safe cars.”

All she had to do was say, “Its not our car”

I told the host about this story and she said, “We know her since 10 years. She was driving a beater. But ever since she got married to doctor, she has started behaving like this. We don’t know why”

Whenever I think about this story, I smile a little. Maybe some of you might know someone who is money minded (or maybe its you) and smile.

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