Reliance Jio

Business Insider

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has done the unthinkable – it has raised almost ₹1 lakh crore (almost $13 billion) in the middle of a global lockdown with eight investments in seven weeks. [..] Reliance Jio gets to pick between Google and Microsoft for the last tranche of investments, two sources in the know told Business Insider.

If your product is good, money will flow towards you. Jio is an excellent product ready to serve a country full of 1.3 Billion data hungry users.

Google is still looking for an investment opportunity with Reliance Jio. Sources tell us that it is still fighting for a spot that is also being considered by Microsoft. “It will be either Google or Microsoft in the last tranche. Reliance Jio will have to reject one. Google or Microsoft will be investing for a 6% stake. It has to make business sense. Google has been pursuing them from the same time as Facebook,” a source told Business Insider.

Tough choice. Can’t have both. Jio will have to choose either Microsoft or Google. There is no wrong decision. Both are excellent companies.

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