Reliance Industries Limited – Growth is Life.

Economic Times:

The oil-to-telecom behemoth has become the first Indian company to be valued at $150 billion.

$150 Billion is a lot of money but even Mukeshbhai will agree that Reliance has a long way to go before it can truly be compared to world class companies.

And 2 of the above 5 companies are run by Indian-Americans. One from Indian Institute of Technology and one from Manipal Institute of Technology.

One of the finest roles of Ranbir Kapoor was in the movie Sanju. Ranbir was so good that Rishi Kapoor was stunned watching the trailer. But he controlled himself and said, “You still got to Improve”

A company expert in refining petroleum has pivoted into a Telecom Giant is nothing short of testament of Reliance Industries management’s ability to predict future, adopt, place right bet and go full speed on it.

Dhirubhai aptly coined motto of Reliance Industries, “Growth is Life”.