Pinkville Reports:

In a rather unexpected turn of events, he has decided to exit the MAMI board […] In addition, the reports also suggest that this decision of his stems from the fact that he did not receive any support from anyone in Bollywood amid the ongoing nepotism debate and hence, he is upset about it.

When I came to America, one of my friend told me that in America, friends are there for enjoyment. Birthday parties – you will be invited. Potlucks – you will be invited. During Diwali and Navratri festivals, all your friends will dress up, give you lift in their cars and you will have a great time. Sweets will be exchanged. Life is really good.


If you get into any trouble, you are on your own. If you break a leg and are in cast for 1 month, If you fall sick, If you have financial trouble, If you have any other sad event, you are on your own.

No one is interested in anyone’s problem. You have to fight your problems alone. Once you solve your problems, you are back in the group enjoying life.

Gone are the days where friends will be with you during hard times. Maybe Karan Johar is learning this now. Karan Johar’s house is rumored to be a party place. Countless stars have partied at his house and had a good time. Lot of stars also got their break through Karan Johar.

Now for right or wrong reasons, Karan is in hot water, everyone has disappeared. Not a single tweet, not a single sound bite saying something positive about Karan from his friends.

Once this issues is behind us, everyone will be seen partying with Karan and having a good time. Such is life.