India’s Foreign Reserves:

Hindustan Times:

India has accumulated the world’s fifth-largest foreign exchange reserves at more than $500 billion, making it a bright spot in an otherwise dismal economy.
The reserves were bolstered by a rare current-account surplus in the first quarter, a return of inflows into the local stock market and foreign direct investment, including into a unit of Reliance Industries Ltd., India’s largest company by revenue. That allowed the central bank to mop up close to $25 billion in foreign exchange to add to its reserves in the quarter through June, according to analysts such as Anubhuti Sahay, chief India economist at Standard Chartered Plc in Mumbai.

Because of all the investement that happend in Reliance Jio, the company got Rupees, Government got Dollars !!!

This is why NRIs (especially from America) are loved. When NRIs send money, Indian Govt get dollars and their parents get rupees. This dollars are used to buy Oil and other things.