Temples or Universities

Arab News Reports:

Vinod Tawde donates a kilogram of gold each time he visits the Tirupati Temple, located in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, every year.
“This has been a tradition in my family to visit the Tirupati Temple at least once every year. Sometimes I visit twice also if I get a good business deal. The offerings to the temple is a way of thanking God for blessing me,” the Mumbai-based builder told Arab News

1 Kg Gold. That’s Rs 50 Lakhs !!!

Tirupati Temple would be frequented by 100,000 people every day, earning $120 million in gifts and donations annually, while its total worth is estimated to be $11 billion.

Wow. Did not know that Rs 840 Crore is donated every year. Triupati Temple has $11 Billion (Rs77,000 Crores). Harvard University (Temple of education) in America has $40 Billion (Rs 2.8 Lakh Crore) in Endowment Fund. IIT Madras has Rs 450 Crores in endowment fund.

Maybe next time Mr Tawde could consider write a check to the IIT next door.