Ultra Rich Matchmaking

Goswami’s firm slots families based on their financial worth: the basic membership is for families worth Rs 1 cr-50 cr (Rs 29,500 as initial payment, Rs 1.18 lakh after the wedding); premium membership for those worth Rs 50 cr-100 cr (Rs 59,000 as initial fee plus Rs 1.77 lakh later), and royal membership for the Rs 100 cr-1,000 cr bracket (Rs 1.18 lakh fee followed by Rs 2.36 lakh). “First, our tele-callers receive inquiries from families, about 12-15 in a day, of which we select four-five based on a search on our software. Then, we meet the families in person, take a detailed note of their requirements — parents and children separately. We visit their homes and properties and take pictures. If I have to travel in India, I don’t charge extra, but for international trips, the client has to pay. We also talk to their neighbours, friends and colleagues and get written references. In the meantime, our in-house chartered accountant vets their financial documents and checks for any loans or bank defaults,” explains Goswami. The background checks sometimes throw up all kinds of results from drug use to the people already seeing someone else. “We don’t take up the clients then,” he says.

-Indian Express

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