Shilpa Shinde leaving Gangs of Filmistan

Shilpa alleges that Gangs Of Filmistan has been made just to show Sunil Grover, “Comedy is a male dominating genre I have said this earlier. I felt like I was being used as an eye candy. I came, I uttered two lines and went off. I was not interested in doing Television.

It’s not like I have no money and was desperate to get back to work. But they have used my name. I am doing the show after two years, I should have at least given a special entry. Till the time we were performing the scenes without Sunil ji we all were doing great, the moment he started doing gags, we got sidelined. I am working after a gap of two years, why will I try to spoil everything, but I want to say that I was getting exploited on the sets when it comes to acting.

This show is being made to give Kapil Sharma a competition. I am giving an open challenge to the makers if you want to make the show all about Sunil Grover, then please rename it to The Sunil Grover Show and air it on the weekend when Kapil’s show airs, I am ready to work,” said the Bigg Boss 11 winner.

– Times Of India

“I was told this. I was told that. Now something totally different is happening.”
I hear this only from India. In America every thing is written in a contract.
If you want exclusive scenes, it is in the contract.
If you want minimum of 10 minutes on the show, it is in the contract.
if your preference is this, that and the other, it is in the contract.

Contracts are everything in America. I think it is time, India also puts down all pre-signing negotiations in the contract so that afterwards there is no hurt feelings.

Good that Shipla is leaving after 1st show. Some people hang around for years as they are unsatisfied. If there is not money problem, finding work that you love is the best course of action.

Wishing her best of luck.