Masayoshi Son

In total, SoftBank injected roughly $4 billion building up stakes in Inc, Netflix Inc, Tesla Inc, Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc , according to regulatory filings.

SoftBank bought a roughly equal amount of call options tied to the shares it bought, according to the Wall Street Journal. Investors typically pay premiums to buy call options, which give them access to a much higher amount of shares on paper.

SoftBank’s options of $4 billion generated an exposure of about $50 billion, according to the WSJ report.

-The Economic Times

I don’t know what any of this means, but looks like you and me cannot do this and neither can someone moderately rich. This is a whole new level of having access to multi-billions.

Masa talking fondly about Steve Jobs. This is a very feel good story.

Masa invested $20 million into Alibaba and converted into $108.7 Billion. How Brilliant !!

Son was an early investor in internet firms, buying a share of Yahoo! in 1995 and investing a $20 million stake into Alibaba in 1999. Son’s holding company SoftBank owns 29.5% of Alibaba, which is worth around $108.7 billion as of 23 October 2018


Funny tweet about all these stock purchases.