Apple could shift 10% of iPhone 12 production from China to India

Apple is preparing to move up to 10% of production for the iPhone 12 from China to India, reports claim, with assembly partner Foxconn said to be working on units for sale within the country and for the export market.

Apple Insider

Sir 10% production capacity of iPhone 12 is ok. Sir We will manage. No problem Sir.

20 years ago:
Sir we will have call center sir. No problem sir. …..few years later…sir we can manage call center software. no problem sir……few year later…sir we can do this boring coding, boring data entry, no problem sir….few year later…..sir we can do UI/UX and database problem……and on and on……now we have giant IT parks doing AI and ML and all kinds of advance programming.

Entry is hard. After that getting more work is just logical steps.