World’s largest E-Scooter factory

Bhavish Aggarwal surveys the empty 500-acre expanse encircled by neon-painted homes, tiny shrines and mango groves. The high-profile Ola founder hopes to erect the world’s largest electric scooter plant on this vacant plot on Bangalore’s outskirts within the next 12 weeks, cranking out about 2 million a year — a landmark for one of India’s largest startups.


It is hard to build anything that is world’s largest. Bhavish is trying to do something monumental. And he is only 35.

Another project that India has which is also world’s largest, is the Reliance Jamnagar Refinery. Not sure about today but back then they said that it is not possible to build world’s largest refinery in India. What do Indians know about refining petroleum. It’s Impossible…