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For context, AK vs AK, an edgy thriller directed by filmmaker Vikramaditya Motwane, has now been watched in 40 countries, and subtitled and dubbed in more than 30 languages.

Fortune India

Who would have imagined that Bollywood will go international on the shoulders of an American Company that owns ZERO theaters. Pundits used to say that, “Biggest challenge for Indian Cinema is distribution. How will they strike deals with theater owners in Americas and Europe?”. Here comes Netflix. No Theaters needed.

Crime thriller Sacred Games, also by Motwane, was Netflix’s first big global success coming out of India. Describing the night before the first season of the series dropped in June 2018, Motwane says: “What was driving us sleepless was not that it was our first original, but the fact that suddenly you’re opening up to a global audience. For the first time, you’re not looking at the box office, but at the organic reactions of people, and that is when we realised this has gone broader than any of us could ever imagine.”

Fortune India

Creating movies for Netflix means creating content for Global Audience. It’s very powerful.