Bus Rulaye Ga Kya

Apple’s record quarter came “despite larger than expected supply constraints,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “We estimate these constraints had around a $6 billion revenue dollar impact, driven primarily by industry-wide silicon shortages and COVID related manufacturing disruptions.”

Six. Billion. Dollars. That’s cash that Apple’s customers slapped on the table in the last three months, saying “shut up and take my money“… and were denied. Because Apple just didn’t have the products available to sell. That record $83.4 billion quarter should’ve been a record $89.4 billion quarter, but for all the woes in the international supply chain. And here’s the scarier part: it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Mac World

This is ridiculuous.

People wanted to give 6 Billion Dollars to Apple that it could not take.
There is no Laxmi Pooja done at Apple Park but Goddess Laxmi certainly has her full blessings on this company.

Just amazing.