Indians with money buying iPhones

Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier on Friday announced that the company doubled its business in India, but does this indicate that iPhones have now become favourites in the country? It actually is because just hours later, we have numbers from a market research firm that says Apple now has a 44 per cent share in the premium phone market.

India Today

On Clubhouse app, I keep asking those who live in India that how many people you see with iPhones. And mostly the reply is its all Android. Unless I meet someone who lives in affluent neighborhoods of Mumbai and Delhi, where the reply is, “all my friends and family have iPhones”

I went to a high end night club in Pune and there were 500 people on dance floor and instead of enjoying the music and my beer, I like a nerd was counting how many people on dance floor have iPhons. around 30% had iPhones.

So iPhone Vs Android is not a feature issue. It’s a money issue. As Indian economy grows and Indians become rich, it is clear iPhones will sell more. I don’t see it any other way.