Bad Boys Billionaire

 Netflix investigative docuseries looks at the crimes committed by Kingfisher’s Vijay Mallya, Sahara’s Subrata Roy, jeweller Nirav Modi, and Satyam’s Ramalinga Raju. While Roy wants his name entirely scrubbed off, Raju claims Bad Boy Billionaires: India is an unlawful invasion of his privacy. As such, Bad Boy Billionaires: India is unavailable on Netflix globally.

“There you go. This is no country for true stories,” Hansal Mehta said in a tweet, a rare Indian filmmaker who’s addressed the legal troubles faced by Bad Boy Billionaires: India, which has been made in the UK. “Dear [Netflix India,] please fight this violation. All of us trying to tell true stories need your fight. These stories must be told. Nobody here has the gumption for a necessary battle.” Gray had also retweeted Mehta but he has since reversed the action.