Kareena Kapoor supports Bollywood

Kareena Kapoor Khan has come out in support of the film industry after the Producers Guild of India countered the allegations levelled against Bollywood. In an open letter, the producers guild said that the portrayal of the industry as hostile to outsiders and a ‘murky den of substance abuse and criminality’ is incorrect.

-Hindustan Times

If you are the biggest beneficiary of status quo, you will defend it. In the current structure of Bollywood, a big chunk of money is flowing into few families. Indian people like name recognition. Hollywood is not like that. There is no son or daughter of Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts or Madonna working as Actors/Actresses.

In America, what you do matters. In India, who you are matters. In Hindi there is a famous dialogue, “Tu Janta Nahi Mera Chacha Commissioner hai. ya Neta hai” Thats one thing lot of people who immigrated to America, love about America. There is some semblance of meritocracy.

Bollywood is very Khandani. Nothing wrong in it. After all we Indians are volunteringly give our money and watch movies of star kids.

Kareena Kapoor famously said

Do you agree to Kareena Kapoor’s remark ‘Don’t see our films, no one forced you’ on public’s take on nepotism?


Even Apple has never said that no one has forced you to buy iPhone. I think these kind of statements hurt the fans. I am sure she doesn’t believe in what she said and is thankful towards her fans who have spend their money to watch her movies over last 20 years.

It takes 10 years to come into lime light for ordinary person. Star kids get that recognization on day 1. Not all star kids become super stars. But being a star kid is like coming on 1st page of Google search. You still have to be good, but the advantage of being on 1st page of Google search is immeasurable. How many of us go to second or third page of search result.

On the positive side, compared to 30 years ago, Bollywood has become more corporate and much professional. I think capitalism will take care of things in an organic way.

I dream of Bollywood where majority of its top 50 actors are 1st generation. It might look impossible today, but it is slowly happening. Indian TV Industry is a good example.