Amazon building office in India.

In South India, Amazon Builds Its Largest Office Yet

-New York Times

No one says, in South Mexico or in South England. Why not say, In India, Amazon Builds Its Largest Office Yet.

Amazon’s 15-story Hyderabad office opened last year. It features prayer rooms, a small synthetic cricket pitch, 49 elevators, a helipad and a cafeteria open 24 hours a day on a campus that, according to the company, is made of 2.5 times more steel than the Eiffel Tower. It’s home to 7,000 employees out of an expected work force of 15,000, largely comprising technology teams focused on using machine learning and software development to innovate services 

-New York Times

Nothing that Amazon does these days is small.

The impact of Amazon’s strategy has been noted. For the past couple of years, Satinder Wadhwa has struggled to keep his business alive in Greater Kailash, South Delhi, amid the growth of online retail. His specialty watch store, Time & Style, used to be filled with throngs of locals. Now, Mr. Wadhwa estimates he gets half as many customers.

“People have stopped coming to the market; that means they’re buying online,” Mr. Wadhwa said. “If they’re getting a better price and delivery at home, why will they come to us?”

-New York Times

Good question.
There is no solution to this problem. More and more people will be buying things online and there is nothing anyone can do.