Chetan Bhagat

The GDP shrunk by 23.9% last quarter, a level not completely unexpected but terrible and unprecedented nonetheless. It doesn’t matter if it is coronavirus, God, government policies or a combination of all of these factors that caused it. 

– Times Of India

It does matter. Coronavirus is once in a life time event. No govt. was ready and is ready.

Also, if we continue to hold the fatalistic belief that ‘God created the problem, God will only fix it,’ well, it won’t be fixed. God gave us all a brain, which can be used to figure out solutions to get out of a problem.

– Times Of India

Every doctor, researcher, Pharma company, every government worth its salt is working on finding some solution to this Virus problem. This is the one problem that every one who has knowledge to solve it, is working day and night to solve it. And rest of us are madly rooting for these people to win. We wake up every morning with the hope that today there will be news about vaccine or cure.
No one is relying on God to fix this problem.

Frankly, if we celebrated having the strictest, toughest lockdown in the world (‘kamaal kar diya,’ is what many said then), then this loss of GDP is the bill for that. A big bill, indeed.

– Times Of India

We indeed celebrated and why not. A country of Billion Plus showed unbelievable discipline. Every day, every week we are learning something new about this virus. We tried lockdown, no-masks, social distancing, then back to put on masks, it spreads via surface to now it doesn’t spread via surface, etc etc.

Lockdown was a bad idea in hindsight. It was done not with malicious intent but with good faith in order to defeat this stalking virus.

Maybe it came from the Hindu view — give yourself pain and God will be kind. 

– Times Of India

Is it possible to write a think piece in India without hitting Hinduism?

You want respect for India? Help India get rich.

– Times Of India

People who are ambitious don’t need this advice. They are already working towards fulfilling their ambition. They will enrich their lives and India getting rich is just a side effect.