Jalebi-fafda Sunday

On Sunday, the Shiv Sena reached out to Mumbai’s Gujarati population, and also inducted nine businessmen from the community into the party during a breakfast event that had crunchy fafdas and crispy sweet jalebis on the menu.

On the same breakfast plate, there was also a savoury vada pav to indicate that Mumbai’s Marathi and Gujarati communities not just co-exist, but even go well together, and that the Shiv Sena can take both along.
Gradually, the demographic shift compelled the Shiv Sena to soften its hardcore pro-Marathi ‘sons of the soil’ image and paint a more inclusive picture, reaching out to Mumbai’s non-Maharashtrians, especially the Gujaratis and North Indians. 
 Mumbai has about 28-30 per cent Marathi voters, another 30 per cent Gujaratis, Marwaris and Jains, followed by communities of North Indians, South Indians, Muslims and Christians. 

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