India and Facebook

There is no reason why Rahul Gandhi will disagree with this.

The social media giant is under increasing scrutiny for how it enforces its hate speech policies when the accused are members of Modi’s ruling party. Activists say some Facebook policy officials are too close to the BJP, and accuse the company of putting its relationship with the government ahead of its stated mission of removing hate speech from its platform—especially when ruling-party politicians are involved.


Just like everything, there might be some truth to this.

I worked for an Indian company and the first thing that was told to us during HR orientation is, “Relationships are greater than Processes”.

Americans would find this weird. In America, Process > Relationship. If you have followed the process, followed all the rules and have all the valid documents, then you will get the contract even if the person giving you contract doesn’t like you.

In India, its the opposite. Knowing right person is way more important than process. Because the understanding is that, “Processes are written by human. They can be change. Exemptions can be given. Exceptions can be made.”

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.
– Churchill