Kangana Vs World ?

Manoj Bajpayee:

“Mumbai is a magical city. There’s magic here. Look at where I come from. Who am I? Where do I come from? People like me have made our villages, our districts, our towns, our friends and families proud. How? Because Mumbai brought magic to our lives,” he said, scoffing at the idea that anyone could disrespect it. He was asked for his reaction to comments made by ‘certain people’ in recent days.

– Hindustan Times

Translation: “hey Kangana, its sucks for you, but I am good”

“Which girl from a civilised cultured house would use this kind of language? Like ‘kya ukhaad loge‘, ‘kiska baap ka kya hai‘, speaking about Jaya ji the way she did,” Ms Matondkar told NDTV in an interview.


Culture Police. The worst kind.

“Yes, what happened with her office and a certain word being used against her was completely condemnable. I would never stand up for such actions (but) The Y+ security has come from our money. Can we say due to Act of God we cannot pay taxes? We cannot,” she said.


There is always a ‘(but)’.

“You cannot cross a certain line, speak ill of an industry that has made you everything. If some people are taking drugs or are drug addicts, you have no reason to compare it to mafia. When Kangana was not even born, Jaya ji was in the film industry. We’re talking about a lady here (Jaya Bachchan) who has herself been an icon. Which part of Indian culture tells you to lash out at people like this?” she said.



Some values that India should take from Western culture:
“In America, What you do matters. In India, sadly who you are matters.”
“In America, respected is commanded. In India, respect is demanded.”
“I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It”
– Voltaire

Also what is this thing about certain industry has made you. The whole idea of financial compensation is invented to remove that burden.
If a company gives you Rs 1 Lakh salary/month and you work there as a software engineer, no one is doing anyone any favor. You provide work and company provides you compensation.

If someone gives you job, he is not God. He is just passing you the favor. After all someone else did him a favor and gave him a job. If someone gives you a break, its because someone else gave him a break when he was struggling.

Its that simple!!